Treci Smith Designs

Describing my style and what motivates my design really begins with something deeper than aesthetics.  Design is often thought of in terms of objects: sofas, drapes, tables.  For me, interior design is an expression of love- a way to honor what makes a room come alive.   Creating a thoughtful space allows others a chance to be inspired, comforted, and engaged with their surroundings.  It imparts an appreciation for beauty and art and it has the ability to offer us all a sense of connection.  This, in particular, drives my love of repurposing objects.  Honoring the past by reusing something in a new way brings into harmony that which is traditionally thought of as opposing elements: young and old, glam and boho, city and country.  It is here- in this space of old and new- that I find myself most inspired: honoring the past by sharing it with the present.